Is the Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam? Let’s Review

Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate Review

Program Name:  Wealthy Affiliate

Web Address: www.WealthyAffiliate.com

Founded:  2005

Owners:  Kyle & Carson

Price:  $0 Starter Membership, $47 monthly / $359 yearly  Premium Membership

Recommended:  Yes – Highly


Wealthy Affiliate University – Taught By Its Professors (Owners)!

Wealthy affiliate is an online community that is full of knowledgeable people focused on helping others achieve their goals towards internet marketing success.

If you are in need of help finding your niche, setting up your site, new ways to market your site, need live feedback, or just simply have a case of writer’s block, everyone within the community will help you by offering various ideas and solutions to help resolve whatever it is that you are having trouble with.

The most prominent teachers at this internet marketing university are the owners themselves, Kyle and Carson, along with the live video training coach named Jay.

Not many companies or programs have their key people so involved, especially on a personal level, with the people who join in on what they have to offer. The owners offer multiple and helpful lessons, courses, and feedback to all of the affiliates within the community.

Wondering how you can get in contact with them inside the community? Easy, you can reach them through live chat, profile posts, private messaging (PM), and on some more critical occasions, their personal email. Their availability is unmatched in the industry, with questions being answered by them in as little as minutes,and that alone is a huge plus.

One thing to note, negativity and spamming are not tolerated within the community, as it shouldn’t be any place where success is the end goal.

Cost?  How Does Free Sound?

Yes, the Wealthy Affiliate University has a free, $0, starter membership. You might think that $0 must not get you much, or that it won’t get you that far, however, that’s not the case. The starter membership includes many of the same key features of the $47 per month, or $359 per year, premium membership does, but with some service limitations of course.

It is important to note that, no matter what membership you choose to start out with, you will always have access to training and support from within the community. The owners will also still help you no matter what membership level you are on, less money doesn’t mean less help.

To better understand the differences between starter and premium, and exactly comes with each membership, please view the picture below. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t require credit card information for the the starter membership, so no need to worry about possible automatic upgrade charges like in other programs.

[lightbox full=”https://onlinescamdetective.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/wealthy-affiliate-membership-grid1.png” title=”Wealthy Affiliate Membership Comparison”][/lightbox]

A Service To The Wealthy Affiliate Community: No Products – No Upsells

The affiliate university is a service to the internet marketing community. There are no products to resell, because there are no products to buy in the first place. The services that the affiliates get are stated above in the membership price section of this review. Wealthy Affiliate also offers its members some other external services, one completely free and the other has a free trial offer.

The absolutely free service is called Street Articles, which is an online article publishing site. The other service, which offers a completely free trial, just like the starter membership there is no credit card required, is a keyword research tool called Jaaxy. The great thing about these external services that they offer is that you don’t have to be an affiliate to leverage from them.

OK That’s Great And All, But How Do I Get Paid At Wealthy Affiliate?

Of course, getting paid is one of the main reasons for joining any affiliate program. The amount you get paid depends on your membership level; fortunately, the starter membership, which costs you nothing, still pays you for your referrals that subscribe to the premium membership. For the starter membership, you get paid $11.25 per month per referral that renews their subscription every month, and $87.50 per referral that pays the yearly subscription.

If you are a premium user, you get paid twice the payout of the starter membership. There is also an exclusive invitation commission of $1 per verified invitation for premium affiliates. Yes, that means you can even get a commission just for inviting people. But lets not forget that on top of that you also get paid with knowledge, which is, in my opinion priceless. Here’s the complete chart of the commission payouts.

Affiliate Payout

One more thing, do you know how and like to teach? If yes, then Wealthy Affiliate will also pay you for creating relevant training to further educate everyone within the community. You will earn credits based on its popularity, which will then transfer into your cash commissions.

It’s a fulfilling and rewarding way to add on to your affiliate commissions.

Summary Of Wealthy Affiliate

So lets recap with the pros and cons of the Wealthy Affiliate University to see if they define it as a scam.


  • 10,000 + members ready to help you
  • Various, full interactional classrooms and courses
  • Live video training with live Q & A
  • Live help 24/7/365 (366 on leap years)
  • No being surrounded by SPAM
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Create two FREE website
  • 100% FREE, $0 Starter Membership
  • Community of people from many expertises


  • An overwhelming amount of information (Yes, some people can’t handle too much of a good thing.)

There you have it, Wealthy Affiliate turned out to be a fantastic place to learn how to market online and is totally not a scam. It has so much information (don’t worry there is a search bar) for you to learn from and apply to your sites.

One of the main and most important key things about the Wealthy Affiliate University is that whenever you’re stumped and can’t find a way to move forward, you are only a couple of keystrokes and a enter button away from someone coming to your rescue; that includes Kyle and Carson.

It’s like one big family, pressure free with everyone giving a helping hand,which is why I decided to take them up on their FREE membership offer.

A Special Bonus Gift For You

If you’re searching for an honest program, and looking to learn more on how to market online, then you should think about giving the $0 starter membership a go. Once signed in, I will personally welcome you to the community and you can begin your journey with everyone including me by your side to help.

I am even willing to give you this special bonus offer that allows you within the first seven days of joining to upgrade to the premium membership and get your first month for 59% less than the original cost.

You have nothing to lose, but a lot of knowledge to gain. If you end up not liking the program, then you can come back here and post in the comment section of what made you not want to continue, and tell me I was wrong.

To claim your free bonus gift, click here.

The Verdict

Too Legit To Quit!


If you have any personal reviews of your experience with Wealthy Affiliate or you have any questions about this program you need answers to, please leave them in the comment section below. Your feedback is important to me, and I will respond to all of you promptly.  Thank you.


  • zee says:

    Hey OnlineScamDetective, I think wealthy Affiliate is a really good program but something is missing in the programs which just does not seem to work for me (cant put my finger on it yet)… And also I think the bonus you offering is need to be better as any affiliate of WA offer the free trial and the 59% discount on the first month….

  • leonardpurnell says:

    Do you say anything good about anybody. If you are bad mouthing other companies why should I trust you.

    • OnlineScamDetective says:

      Thanks for your comment Leonard.

      I said good things about the opportunity of the post of which you are commenting on.

      Exposing not bad mouthing (hate). Why should you trust me? That’s a question only you can answer. I’m not here to convince you to be on my side.

      So with that being said, do you trust me?

  • victor says:

    So basically wealthy affiliate is a company to help build an online business like shopify. If I have a tshirt brand I can make a site with this company & sell my tshirt ? & also make money by getting people to join wealthy affiliate … or is there more or am I wrong. ? Sound like a very good opportunity but I like to make sure & ask questions before I join anything. & thanks in advance

    • OnlineScamDetective says:

      Thank you for your comment Victor.

      Wealthy Affiliate can help you build any type of online business you’d like to build and show you how to generate organic traffic to your site. Yes you can create a website using the tools inside Wealthy Affiliate and sell your clothing line. In fact, I’m actually working on making another website to start my own fitness clothing line. WA can help you build the foundation of the site in seconds and has plenty of information to help educate you on how to better your site and marketing. Maybe we can swap clothing website ideas, if that’s what you’re really trying to sell.

      Yes, you can also get paid affiliate commissions by referring people that wish to be a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community. When people see what you learned, and what you were able to create using the tools in WA, they will more than likely want to give it a try. It’s really nothing but positive vibes in the community. You work at your own pace, and the only person telling you what to do is yourself. You’re in control.

      There are more ways you can make money by utilizing WA. Give it a week at the least and you can even post back here what you thought.

      All questions are welcome and should always be asked before participating in anything.

      Thanks again for your comment Victor.


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