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Vick Strizheus – Scammed By A Mastermind

Who Is Vick Strizheus?

Vick Strizheus is an online marketing scam artist from the Ukraine. He focuses on traffic generation and teaching others how to generate traffic to their websites. Vick Strizheus is the self-proclaimed “King of Traffic,” although, his followers know him as the paid internet traffic guru.

The reason for that is because he actually buys his traffic instead of going the organic route. He also creates and promotes his own online programs that are focused on teaching striving online marketers how to get traffic. The problem is they are misled on what actual kind of traffic they are going to learn to generate.

How Does Vick Strizheus Scam People?

Vick Strizheus is very intelligent in the way he gets unsuspecting marketers to fall for his schemes. He understands that everyone knows that they need to generate a lot of traffic to make their websites profitable and that people are willing to pay top dollar to learn how to do such a thing, especially from a “guru.”

But how does he convince these people to believing that he is what he says he is? Well, he shows them a video, or two, on how to place themselves in front of their competition. The thing that hooks them is that these videos are actually quite helpful and eye opening for someone without full knowledge of traffic generation.

After you watch the initial video(s), he will then invite you inside to learn a little more. Vick says he will give you some information for “free” if you just input your primary email address on his form so you can receive the video information. However, people don’t realize that it isn’t free, giving your primary email address to him is just like paying him money for it.

You are adding yourself to his list, and not just the list of the program in which he just invited to share a bit of information with you. So, for a couple of videos, about a topic you could have found on YouTube, absolutely free, without having to give away any of your personal information, you have just gave him what he needed to market whatever he is promoting to you from there on out.

Now, giving your personal email address to him wouldn’t be considered a bad thing if he actually had a program that delivered what was promised. He is known for not completely delivering on what he had promised the people who had actually paid to learn from his programs.

7 Figure Marketing School, Global Success Club, High Traffic Academy – All SCAMS!

Vick Strizheus has created numerous programs, that are usually and initially sold through ClickBank, that have failed to meet what has been promised. Some of the main ones are the 7 Figure Marketing School, Global Success Club, and the High Traffic Academy. Every new program has a higher membership price than his past failures.

Below are some quick details on these programs and complaints from the people who were scammed by these programs.

7 Figure Marketing School

What is promised? - Videos to teach you everything about marketing both online and offline. Supposed to also be taught by people who have become famous through their marketing success.

Membership Cost – $67 per month

Site Status - No longer exists

Here are some complaints (click to enlarge):

8-11-2013 12-48-12 PM

Global Success Club

What is promised? - 90 days to $100k online and thousands of daily visitors to any site you choose with their elite program called Instant Traffic Media.

Membership Cost - $97 payment to become VIP and $97 per month to maintain VIP status, Plus upsells

Site Status - Program Closed

 Here are the complaints (click to enlarge):

High Traffic Academy

What is promised? - Teach you different ways to drive a massive amount of traffic to your websites.

Membership Cost – Standard: $497 one-time, Elite: $1 first month, then $297 per month, VIP: $997 one-time at the time of signup, or $4997 after that

Site Status - Program Closed

Here are some complaints (click to enlarge):

As you can see, the 7 Figure Marketing School, Global Success Club, and High Traffic Academy are all scams of Vick Strizheus. All the programs were never completed and still leave current members, who still have access to their back office, without the materials promised to them for their money.

Also, these members were in a big surprise when they found out that they actually needed to have an advertising budget. That was all do to him misleading them into thinking that they were going to be taught how to generate traffic the organic way. They soon found out that what they really were going to learn is how to pay for traffic via media buys and other expensive methods. They essentially paid to learn how to pay others for traffic.

Big Idea Mastermind (BIM) & Empower Network

Vick Strizheus is at it again! He has recently created another one of his traffic generation programs, and this one is called Big Idea Mastermind. The Big Idea Mastermind program is advertised as being completely free, with no strings attached, as long as you provide him with your primary email address.

Like I have said before, supplying him with your personal information doesn’t make it free because that’s what he wants and needs. Once you surrender your email to him, you will then be invited to see three of his videos over the course of a week.

The videos were created to connect with you on a mental note in order to gain your trust. On the second video, Vick even gives you landing page software that he claims is worth $497. It is the software that was sold in his other failed scams. You shouldn’t trust this software because it requires you to enter your FTP login credentials for your site, and the program is managed by a scammer.

The video series ends with numerous fake, most likely paid, testimonials of people praising Vick’s teachings. Days later, you get an email to join Vick Strizheus and find out what the Big Idea Mastermind actually is. The email is riddled with false and misleading information in order to trick the minds of the unsuspecting.

This is how the email is structured:

Subject line:

Big Idea Mastermind is OPEN! (only 24 hours)


Big Idea Mastermind is now LIVE and you can get in here:

GO HERE and Secure Your Spot NOW!

Remember, anyone who joins before the timer on at the top of the page reaches zero will get access to BIM and BIM marketing system for FREE :-)

Get in right now and you’ll save $5,000.

Talk soon,


The first lie is that it’s not open for only 24 hours, it’s open indefinitely. I decided to check days later after the email was sent to my spam email address if the 24 hour window was true, but, unsurprisingly, the timer resets every time you click the link in the email. He uses that to get people to act fast and trick them into thinking that they’ll never have access to it again.

The other lies are that it’ll be free and that you’ll save $5,000 by joining him. We have learned that anything that has to do with Vick Strizheus is not, technically, free. And that $5,000 savings that he mentioned will be used as another mind trick that ties into the program that he wants you to join under him.

The program that Vick Strizheus wants you to join is Empower Network, which, in fact, is a scam itself. Once you join under Vick, you will then be encouraged, if not bullied, into going straight to the diamond level of Empower Network. This is where your previous $5,000 savings comes into play.

To reach the diamond level, you have to go what they call “all in” and buy all the products. Guess how much that costs? Yes, besides the monthly recurring products, it will cost you $5,000 to go all in and reach the diamond level within Empower Network.

That’s the mind trick from Mr. Big Idea Mastermind himself. He offers you a deal to save you $5,000 from his BIM program and gives it to you for free if you join him in Empower Network. Then you have to spend that $5,000 you “saved” from his “special” offer and buy all the products within EN. Guess who keeps 100% of that $5,000 retail price as a commission? You got that right, Vick Strizheus does.

Big Idea Mastermind (BIM) is nothing more than a sales funnel for Vick and his team to get unsuspecting people to join them in the Empower Network scam. BIM is almost the perfect example of a bait-and-switch scheme. Pay nothing for the Big Idea Mastermind faux program, but, once you join, pay everything for the other program that is tied with the “free” BIM offer.

Vick even lies about some of the income that he makes within EN. In one of his videos, he shows everyone what is supposed to be a live screen share of his earning in his first three months with the program. You will see some astounding numbers from his earnings section in his back office. However, something caught my attention.

The commissions from the two top products did not add up correctly. Here is a screenshot of what was on the video shown on the Big Idea Mastermind website (click to enlarge):

To explain the error he made, you need to know that Empower Network pays out 100% of the retail sales price of the products. You also need to know that the $15K Formula is worth $1,000 in commissions, and the Masters Course is worth $3,500. If you divide what he earned from the 15K by 1,000, then you would get 366.829 sales; and if you divide his earnings from the Masters by 3,500, then you would get 108.857 sales.

It isn’t possible to make a partial sale in any program. These are signs that most of his earnings are fake computer generated numbers. I would think that he would be smarter and make all the numbers add up. He most likely thought he’d get away with it since this is in an intro video and the people watching don’t know how people in Empower Network are actually compensated. Both, Vick and EN, are working together and trying to scam you into their program with false information.

Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network are two scams working together to rob unsuspecting people blind. It’s a scam within a scam. Dare I say it? It’s a SCAMCEPTION!

Vick Strizheus Convicted Of Grand Theft

Yes, you read that right. Vick Strizheus was convicted of grand theft in 2007 for faking life insurance applications with information of people who didn’t even exist. Vitaliy, Vick’s real name, almost got away with stealing around $30,000 in commissions from those falsified applications.

He was sentenced to 90 days of jail time; however, it kind of went in his favor. Vick Strizheus was also given 5 years of probation, in which he was told that he could not leave his home state of South Dakota. Here’s a video with his conviction and sentencing details:

How can you trust a convicted felon that defrauded his employers for his own unethical personal gain? Vick said he wouldn’t ever steal again, but he has, and this time from unsuspecting people seeking to better their lives.

This video alone is enough to prove to me that he can’t be trusted; no matter what it is he’s selling. I believe in second chances as much as the other guy, but, from my review, you have seen that Vick Strizheus has failed to change on many occasions and at the cost of others hard earned money and valuable time.

My Final Thoughts On Vick Strizheus And Big Idea Mastermind

Vitaliy “Vick” Strizheus has shown, time and time again, that he is not to be trusted. He’s just adding you to his email list so he can sell you whatever unfinished program he has to offer next. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a very intelligent individual as he understands how to sell through the mind, but he is abusing it to make a fortune by misleading people that are new to the industry.

I strongly recommend that you stay far away from Vick Strizheus, Big Idea Mastermind, and the Empower Network scam he is promoting in conjunction with BIM. There are many sources online that provide information, even the things being taught by Vick, that are actually free and don’t require you to give away any of your personal information in exchange.

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Have you been scammed by Vick Strizheus? If yes, then I welcome you to share your personal experience below in the comment section below. I also welcome any other comments that would add value to this post. Your feedback is always appreciated, and I will respond to ALL comments, as soon as possible, within 24 hours. Thanks!


  1. Hello, i was wondering what exactly does Vick do to scam people? I know him personally, but i dont know what he does exactly. Could you please get back to me? I know this is a fake email but i dont want to give out my info.

    • OnlineScamDetective

      Thanks for your comment Max.

      If you read the article above, then you be able to answer your own question. But just because you asked nicely, he lies to people about what they are getting in return for their money. He also doesn’t complete any of his products that he charges a high ticket price for. Vick Strizheus isn’t trustworthy and will continue to give out false promises at the newbies expense.

      He is still a fraud.


      • Above you were doing the math on the 15K and Master Mind numbers doesn’t match up. The $1,000. / $3,500. programs minus merchant fees. I haven’t sold any thing but it’s 100 % commission all most. Just saying

        • OnlineScamDetective

          Thank you for your comment Dennis.

          The numbers don’t match up how? When I did the same math for the Costa Rica, Inner Circle, and the standard blog they came out to the right numbers on his website. So you’re saying that there are only merchant fees for some but not all their products? Another person from EN said it was a glitch, and you’re saying it was because of merchant fees. So what is it? Why do you guys that are affiliated with Empower Network have totally different explanations for my findings?

          If you guys can’t even get the correct reason, then how am I, or anyone else, going to believe your statements. I appreciate your honesty when you said you haven’t sold anything yet. It shows that you’re not just here to completely bs me.

          And…Almost ≠ 100%
          Just saying.


  2. Hi,
    I think that the proof is always in the pudding. Check out the proof videos here….[Link Removed]

    Surely, all of these people could not have been scammed!


    • OnlineScamDetective

      Thank you for your comment Hammond.

      I removed your link for two reasons:

      1. It was a link to the BIM website with their fake testimonials. Do you really think those testimonials on the proven con artist’s site are credible and not done by paid actors and scammers alike? The least you could have done is given us a credible source.

      2. Not only did you post a link to Vick Strizheus’ scam website, but you didn’t hesitate to add you affiliate ID in hopes of getting some referrals to join in on the scam. Do you really think that I’m stupid and that it would go unnoticed?

      Please refrain posting such things. You aren’t helping anyone and are just here in an attempt to expand your scam network. You should come with actual facts, not commercialized video testimonials from the guy I just proved, with actual facts, to be a scammer in disguise.

      One more thing…don’t insult pudding, pudding is good. Thank you. :)


  3. This is all very interesting. First Dave and Dave on Empower networks were one time junkies. I never really got in tune with that. Now Vick is also an ex-con? Does Empower Network have an affinity for “former” rotten eggs or what? I bet the next thing we’ll be seeing on Empower Network is Jason or Freddy Kruger or some “ex” serial killer.

    You know when I started watching Vicks video, I said to myself “Oh no! Not another BMW posing money junkie again” And then I decided to listen to him, just for the sake of it. Well, Vick said a lot of interesting things that I don’t really think is bad in itself. Infact they sound useful. But then I decided to do a due diligence. Whoever exactly is this guy? No sooner had I typed the name Vick in google, than the “Strizheus scam” popped and I was like, “OK! Sore Thumb!!”.

    That said, I intend to try out what Vick passed in his free video. Yes he may be an EX, but he did say some pretty useful things. And NO I will not be buying High Traffic Academy. I’ll rather use my $500 for something better. Besides my wife’s gon put a bullet in my head if she hears I got close to an Empower Network peddler.

    • OnlineScamDetective

      Thank you for your comment Niyi.

      Empower Network is full of people that are up to no good.

      About Vick, well, I didn’t say that the information he gave out was useless. I actually said in the article that he is a very smart individual, but he is using his intelligence unethically. Plus the information he offers has already been out there for free from different sources online.

      The problem is that he baits you with that information hoping that you will ask for more. Then that is where you are asked to join one of his paid marketing schemes. I call them schemes because he never seems to complete them.

      Not only does Vick Strizheus not finish any of his programs for his paying customers, but what he is mainly teaching you is how to promote the scheme he created. There is a catch to all his “free” information, whether it is useful or not.

      You’re smart, by the way, for knowing not to spend such money for a program that hasn’t been completed to this date.


  4. Vick turned me into a super affiliate. I do not see anything wrong with him at all. He is a great guy with good morals and does not promote “get rich tonight” products. He gives out a lot of his content for free and teaches a lot of people.

    • OnlineScamDetective

      Thank you for your comment Joe.

      Nothing wrong? What about him being a fraud and a convicted felon? People who defraud innocent people and organizations are not people of good moral. He may not promote get rich “tonight” products, but he does promote get rich quick schemes. The content he provides is already provided online via multiple sources for free already.

      The only real thing that attracts people towards him is that he promises newbies that they can make big bucks in just a couple of months. Super affiliate or not, for newbies that’s highly improbable.

      By the way, there is no such thing as a “super” affiliate.


      • True! For a newbie that may not be practical. But I really do not agree that its wrong. Truth is if you apply what he has said and you do it right, it works. Paid Ad works, and quickly too, provided its done right. As for newbies, well, lets call it earning their stripes. We all have, an we were at one time newbies too.

        That he is an EX con is a red light yeah, one that I personally would not ignore. But that doesn’t make him bad (although his track record of failed schemes doesn’t help much).
        He sure did have something to tell me. Something I didn’t know before and I can tell you Ive been online for a while now.

        • OnlineScamDetective

          Don’t agree that what’s wrong? Him saying you can make 10′s of thousands of dollars in as little as 90 days? I hope that’s not what you’re talking about.

          Any advertising done right will work quickly. Free advertising can work just as fast or even faster in some instances. “If done right” is correct, but in marketing the consumer’s view is ever-changing. So, there isn’t a concrete definition for doing it right. You’ll only know when the results are in.

          I partially agree on your newbies earning their stripes comment. Yes they need to gain some experience with online marketing and play around with it a bit, but they shouldn’t have to earn some of their “stripes” by being scammed by a con man giving them false hope. Not everyone needs to learn the hard way.

          Him being an ex-con is bad because of his offense and the industry he is in. Fraud is a deliberate crime to rob someone of their wealth. He is in the marketing industry which is to convince people to give him their money. An ex-con of a non financial crime, though still bad, in marketing is not quite as alarming as a convicted felon of fraud in marketing.

          It’s great to hear that you have learned something useful from him that you didn’t know. However, I’ve heard everything he has had to say so far and it was just a refresher. Everything he said can be found on forums, blogs, and videos free on the net. More time does not always equal more knowledge.


  5. Do you know anything about GVO…Global Virtual Opportunities.Are they Legit?
    And What about Chris Farrell? is He Legit?
    I am asking because I have been checking them out for a little while and I am considering working with one of them.

    • OnlineScamDetective

      Thank you for your comment Chuck.

      About GVO, I would urge you to stay away from that program since it’s similar to the Empower Network scam. You also need to pay $19.97 per month just to get paid, and that’s no good in my book. Their website is also subpar and looks sketchy. And I personally wouldn’t join any program that Russell Brunson is a part of since he is a known scammer.

      Now about Chris Farrell, my sources tell me that his program is legit, however, there are some important things missing. Mainly, there is no community aspect of which you can learn from others that are already using his program. A strong community is a key thing to have in any opportunity in order for people to learn efficiently. The other thing is that if you want personal guidance from the owner himself, then you’re going to need to cough up $997 to get his “Mentor Me” program. All while still paying $37 a month. That’s a lot of money upfront for what he’s offering. If you don’t like being upselled, then that’s not the place for you. Chris Farrell is legit, but, in my opinion, not worth the money.

      If you want a program that can show you everything you need to know about marketing online, has a community of more than 10,000+ people ready to help you, and where the owners actually engage in conversations with you to help you out, then I suggest you give my #1 ranked program a thorough read. See if it sparks your interest and give it a try for a week. It won’t cost you any money to try, just a little bit of your time. Let me know what you think.

      Thanks again, good luck, and let me know if you have anymore questions that need to be answered.


  6. I have been receiving emails from this ‘guy’ about training, etc. but never gave my email address. Does anyone know how I can stop these emails/where they could have come from as I really don’t fancy starting all over again with a new email address?

    • OnlineScamDetective

      Thank you for your comment Josie.

      Hmm, that’s not a good thing. Well from what I know, since I receive his emails through my spam email, is that he uses GetResponse as his autoresponder company. They make it mandatory for the email to have an unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email.

      Look at the very bottom of the email where it shows his business address. There show be a link asking you if you want to unsubscribe or to change your subscription settings. Use that to stop getting those emails into your private email.

      If that doesn’t work, then contact GetResponse personally and tell them what’s going on. If this happens a lot, then his account can get suspended since the FCC can fine them for sending such emails without the recipients consent.

      Thanks again and I hoped that I’ve helped you solve that issue.


  7. I was scammed by Vick over the last four years I’ve lost $10,000+ and haven’t made a cent in return.

    • OnlineScamDetective

      Thank you for your comment Samuel.

      Wow, that’s a massive amount of money to lose with any program. I am sorry to hear that you fell victim to Vick’s scam and lost that much time and money. That’s why I’m here to help spread the word so no one else will have to suffer such a loss.

      If you still want to give online marketing a shot, then I urge you to give my number one ranked program review a quick read.

      Thanks again for helping me further expose him for the con he is.


    • I'm a Millionaire.

      Hey Guys.
      You attract people like you….. Everyone commenting about Vick are like me, 3 years ago.. When I blame this marketer, that marketer for my lack of success but I’m glad I never called them scam or blogged about them. I would have regretted it today. Why? because I knew what they where doing worked….Maybe because I was broke then, I wouldn’t think straight and thought like you guys….LOL

      First and foremost, he without a sin cast the first stone.

      He’s made mistakes in his life and changed it…. In fact, if he never did, he will still be selling insurance and never affective the life of many like he’s done today. I can say for a fact he’s helped thousands of people succeed, what have you done (Onlinescamdetective)? You can’t gain recognition from peddling shit about people. Put your face on here if you are so proud and think you are doing a great job and affecting the lives of people positively…. I guess you know you are not and also I bet 100% you are broke and bitter.

      Trying to get traffic to your blog by calling people scams…. No successful business enterprise has been their business on doing what you are doing.

      Warning: You will get sued for defamation of character and slandering people’s business entity. You better be careful… You aren’t invincible. This would happen to you sooner or later.

      For all the grippers, To succeed in any business, sales and especially Internet marketing, you need to work on your mindset. You need to follow only 1 mentor, one program until you succeed. If you jump from pillar to post, you will spend 2-3 years finding what works and still coming back to the basics.

      Mentorship= Mindset= Profits….. Work more on yourself than you work on your business. 80% Mindset – 20% Marketing.

      Keep away from reading post like this and stop associating yourself with failures, complainers.
      Show me your friends and I will show you who you are.. surround yourself with other successful marketers. Follow them all around the web, learn from them. Only the rich can teach you how to be rich – not the poor.

      If you spend 100$ marketing and you see no result, It only means something is wrong, you learn and improve, Thomas Edison tried 10,000 times to get the light bulb you use today, You want to make millions online…. Mentorship cuts failure by 80% , as you continue to fail and try, you lean and become better.

      For all the wannabes online entrepreneurs, keep working hard, you will succeed. Stop hanging out here. Go on youtube and watch things like, How to improve your mind, the secrete of millionaires, How to become successful…. Seek success with all your mind…..Keep out negative influences and you will find success. Some day, some how because you never gave up and kept on searching and believing.

      So I hope this post helps and Vick isn’t a scammer guys…. I bet when your rich, haters will say you are a scammer too….LOL

      • OnlineScamDetective

        Hmm…Where do I begin?

        Your name is “I’m a Millionaire.” Your faux email is You use profanity in your post. Yup, you’re definitely an angry little troll.

        Being broke has nothing to do with your lack of knowledge.

        Vick Strizheus committed fraud, and that type of crime is no mistake. Also, he hasn’t changed since he has customers that have yet to receive everything they paid for.

        I have yet to hear a legit success story from his customers that weren’t so obviously scripted.

        Now let me address the rest of your ignorant comment. You are using fake information, and don’t have a picture on your avatar but you call me out for having a picture relevant to the site and keeping my anonymity? Can you say hypocrite?

        You call me bitter and broke but you don’t know who I am. You just came here to defend a con man without any evidence at all to back up your comment.

        Do you even know what defamation and slander is? Let’s start with slander, slander is verbally making false and damaging statements about someone. Typing is not speaking, so I suppose you meant libel. Now defamation, is the communication of a false statement to hurt one’s reputation. However, I haven’t committed such crimes due to the fact I supplied substantial evidence and individual testimony from comments. By the way, I live in the United States of America where I am universally protected by my First Amendment right to free speech and press. I suggest that you educate yourself on some law.

        Your 80/20 ratio doesn’t make much sense considering that marketing is 99% mindset. Only 1% of that is putting that 99% to work.

        Now to end my response to your yin-yang comment, I would like to state that I don’t call rich people scammers. Most people who are rich earn it honestly. Vick isn’t a millionaire, and even that in this day in age won’t earn him the title of monetarily rich. So with that being said, Vick Strizheus is a scammer regardless of his fabricated income.

        If you choose to reply again, then please bring some evidence up for debate and not just your ignorant jibber-jabber.


  8. bigidea.stupid you are

    Man,you are so verry low. Yes Vick have make mistakes,and he have do prissontime. The only think you are smart with is,how you can built your confent. with is that you exactly nows how your site can be ranked. With some good keywords, like Vick strezheus,empower network,big idea mastermind,traffic,make money online. The reason that you write about him is because he is important man and now how to build a business. And you make advantage of this. You need to write about another his life,because you dont have a life . Fool!!!

    • OnlineScamDetective

      Thank you for your comment.

      I wasn’t going to publish it because, like I stated before, I don’t intend to publish comments that use name calling and contain no substance. However, I thought it would be great for everyone else to see your ignorant comment and see the character of the people who defend the scam artist Vick Strizheus.

      The only person taking advantage of people is Vick. Feel free to leave another, more constructive comment, if you want to redeem yourself.

      Thanks again and have a nice day.


  9. I am really lucky by reading this great expose..I almost fell to their trap,i even downloaded their ‘great’ videos..shame on them,vick shame on you fuckin scammers!

    • OnlineScamDetective

      Thank you for your comment Warakia.

      You’re more than lucky, you’re smart. You decided to do your research on him before going any further than downloading his videos. Don’t ever stop doing your due diligence. Vick Strizheus’ videos may teach you something new but they are only used as bait to get you to join his scams.

      I agree with you, shame on Vick and the people who support his scams. I’m glad I was able to help you save your time and hard earned money from this scammer.

      If you have any questions about internet marketing, then don’t be afraid to ask. I can answer them for you.

      Thanks again and I wish you the best.


  10. If you think doing what the “gurus” do and building a niche targeted email list is wrong then what do you recommend and how do you make money online assuming you do?

    • OnlineScamDetective

      Thank you for your comment John.

      First off there is no such thing as an online guru. The word guru is used to deceive others by trying to make them seem more credible. Nobody has the strategies of online marketing down to its perfection.

      I didn’t say that a niche targeted email list is wrong. In fact, it’s a great thing to have. However, the niche Vick Strizheus is pitching is the get rich quick scheme niche. That is the niche you should stay away from.

      I recommend that you become an affiliate marketer, find out what niche that you enjoy talking about and can type up some great content on, and get started right away. Don’t expect to quit your job the next day because proper marketing takes time. Just be practical and ethical in what you are doing. I also recommend that you read my top ranked program that can help you get started today.

      Don’t get stuck trying to sell a dream to people with a program that makes that goal unrealistic. Get into a program or programs that allow you to market to the end consumer and become successful without focusing on recruitment.

      If you have anymore questions, feel free to use the contact option on the right sidebar under the support widget.

      Thanks again,


  11. Hello..Name is Tony Hopkins and joined Empower through Prosperity team as a newbie..soon seen Vicks videos regarding traffic and said wow this guy is purchased HTA and also the Partner package to market his sites at a cost of $997 for the partner site…in back office they have you set up autoresponder with Get Response and give them a list name which i did…then the support team confirmed I was set..I started advertising and spent several $100 dollars and was not getting any leads..I was frustrated…then I went to Get Response and checked that maybe there was a problem there..I found that I had no loaded messages from the High traffic academy which were to be loaded to my list called htatony…seeing that I went into my back office at HTA and in my set up field was the list name high_traffic_academy not htatony so I went back to Get Response and thought maybe it was entered incorrect so I entered the list name that was now in my back office high_traffic_academy at get response and was informed that list was already a taken name …at this time I am pissed could my list name be changed in the High traffic academy back office..below is the support ticket correspondence I did get my clickbank refund for the partner portion of $997 very quickly but seek to get my advertising money that was lost with no leads…as you can see from the support tickets they attempted to just blow me off..I order if this is his staff? Vick aware..I am going to mail express letter to his office to seek funds but as you can see this was not ethical and was all out thievery…as his staff member explained to me its my responsibility and he account was probably hacked//?…high traffic academy hacked?..

    have pictures of support tickets I can forward to you

    • OnlineScamDetective

      Thank you for your comment Tony.

      I&#039;m not surprised after what I have dug up on this guy. Sounds very much like him, and whoever works with him is just the same. Things like that shouldn&#039;t be happening if the program was legitimate. List/User names don&#039;t just change by themselves, an action by a person that can access it is required.

      What kind of support system is that? No help at all, and they basically said to you “tough luck because it&#039;s not my problem.” The support response is enough to tell you that the program was no good. A strong support system is key to the success of a program. Horrible support equals a horrible program.

      I am glad to hear that you were at least able to get a portion of your total investment back, so not a total financial loss. Your best bet is to stay away from Vick Strizheus and the programs he&#039;s affiliated with. There are other places that teach ethical ways to make it online. Read the article on my top ranked program and see what you think.

      And yes please do send the pictures of the support tickets to me so I have a look. The more evidence against Vick Strizheus and his scams the better. Please send them to:

      Thanks again for your comment Tony. Your help is truly appreciated.

      Wish you the best,


  12. I am sure you wont post this, but #1 Ive actually made money using Vick’s free training in exchange for an email that I do not have to check if I don’t want so I do not see the problem, #2 if you only knew that you actually only receive $3000 of the $3500 you would be able to do simple math and see that 3000*127(sales)= $381000. And if anyone’s been around for a while they would understand paid advertising is the fastest scalable method to earn money in any business. Also this guy was on probation for a while and the amount money he earns does not go unnoticed, so if he was actually scamming he would be in serious trouble (unless you’re saying even our government can’t stop him).

    • OnlineScamDetective

      Firstly, thank you for your comment Rickey. Secondly, you’re wrong because I did post it. :P

      As long as you bring some constructive argument for debate I will publish all your comments. The comments that don’t get published are the ones that are unconstructive arguments, like yelling at me and calling me a liar without data to back up your rant.

      Now with that said, let me address the statements that you shared.

      #1 – Is that right? I have also made money from free marketing advice, except I found it on YouTube and forums on the internet without requiring me to even give up my personal email. Are you making the big bucks he touts that his information can create? And about the email thing, he asks them to use their personal emails which they check often. Not everyone has a spam email, let alone knows what that is.

      #2 – Did you really just type that and think you schooled me? Where do I begin? Let’s just say your right about only getting $3000 out of the $3500, so your equation makes sense. You know what’s funny? That you just let everyone know that the 100% commissions is a lie, and by doing so, proving me right. If I sell something worth $3500 and I am supposed to get 100% commissions, then why am I only getting around 86% ($3000)? I know we can all agree that 86% ≠ 100%.

      Now Rickey Travis, how about the $15K Formula and its $1000 commission? How much of that do you actually get to take home with you? What number could it be that can divide into $366,829 evenly? I don’t think any considering the fact that it’s a prime number. You know simple math so I don’t think I have to explain to you what that means. However, I would love to hear what your explanation.

      #3 – Of course it is, it’s the fastest way to get leads. People are always willing to give you traffic if you pay for it. However, a majority of the people starting out online don’t have that kind of money to be pouring out on such advertising. Vick Strizheus teaches about the more expensive advertising technique that the newbies can’t afford and weren’t expecting. They were more looking for “free” ways to generate traffic and sales. Everyone basically knows you can buy traffic to increase your sales. You can buy practically anything, but how much can you actually get for free? Remember the key word here is “free,” well at least that’s what his subscribers were thinking.

      #4 – Scams can be covered up, look at Empower Network. As long as he pays his taxes he is in the clear. The government just wants their piece of the pie, and they only go after the big boys. Vick Strizheus is a small fish in their eyes. He is also hiding under the blanket of Empower Network this time to make his actions seem more legit. Once you’re a fraud, you’re always one.

      Lastly, please don’t try to slip another link that is an advertisement because it will be removed as well. Especially one to a program I just deemed a scam. I wouldn’t be doing a good job if I let that one slip by, and who knows who could have lost their time and money to that.



  13. Great expose on this guy. He has been scamming people for years. I made a video and post on him as well. People need to avoid Vick’s schemes.

    • OnlineScamDetective

      Thank you for your comment Ethan. I dug up as much as I could on the guy so people can see he has a track record of scamming people; even after he was convicted of fraud. He’s had his second chance, but chose the same path.

      Read your review and I like what you wrote. I especially like the one where the woman that has been scammed by him talks about how he works his “magic.” Let’s keep exposing him for what he truly is and help shut down any new programs he will use next to scam people out of their time and money.

      All the best.


  14. Hi
    Sorry I didn’t get what you wanted to say about how he calculated his numbers. He got around 366 sales from 15k and 108 from Master. So what’s wrong with that. Thanks

    • OnlineScamDetective

      Reread the part where I explained and mentioned that it shows that he got 366.829 sales from the 15K and 108.857 sales from the Masters. You can’t have a decimal values in sales numbers because there is no way you can sell a fraction of a digital product. That is why I declared that those earnings were indeed computer generated. Which means he’s lying.

  15. Check this guy, he seems to be doing classic Vick Strizheus con routine.

    Stay away folks!

    • OnlineScamDetective

      Thanks for the comment Rod, and yes that guy sure is. What’s really wrong with that video also is that the guy speaks in a monotone voice the entire time without any real emotion. You can tell straight away, by the way everyone in that video talks, that they are paid actors and that it’s just another scam. Stay away from that one too guys.

      I’ll be writing an article soon on ClickBank scams to help people identify whether the person’s advertising is legitimate or not.

      Thanks for the heads up Rod!

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